Dress Code:

The principles that guide our dress code are those of modesty, decorum, respect and consideration for others.  Students should dress with those principles in mind.  Modest clothing does not draw attention to one’s self; it glorifies God by reflecting truth, beauty and goodness.  A good rule of thumb is that our dress ought to always draw a person’s eye to our face not to any part of our body.  Christians should be concerned more for their neighbor than they are for themselves.  They should dress in a way that shows respect and consideration for the people they are around.  Our desire in establishing a dress code is to promote an understanding of school as a special place with special expectations and to develop school pride. 

As a school, we have provided several possibilities for you to choose from that would give your child choices within the following guidelines.   Those guidelines can be found at http://frenchtoast.comwww.landsend.com/schoolhttp://www.jcpenney.com/schooluniformshttp://www.walmart.com (type school uniforms in the search box). 

If you are a seamstress that can duplicate these clothing styles, you are permitted to do so.  Additionally, if already own or are able to purchase comparable clothing from other sources, please do so.  A variety of other OCA produced products are also permitted.  In order to prevent injury, no sandals or flip-flops are permitted. For recess and/or physical education classes, students will be required to have tennis shoes or sneakers.

Additional Clarifications:

We know that children at these ages will have growth spurts, so make sure that clothing fits properly to have a neat appearance in school--not form fitting or too baggy.  Shirts and blouses need to be tucked in.  Hair must be kept neat.  No body piercing or tattoos are permitted—exception being girls with simple earrings.  Students are not permitted to wear all black. 

Possible Casual Dress Days: Special events where the standard dress policy may be inappropriate.  An example of this would be an outdoor field trip.  The Headmaster will determine whether the OCA official dress code policy will be used or not. 

Appropriate Dress:

  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times while in the building.

  • Pants with belt loops must have a belt.

  • Hem of slacks may not touch the floor.

  • Girls skirts, dresses, jumpers and shorts may not be shorter than the knee.

  • Girls may wear tights or knee highs only in white, khaki, or navy colors.  

Jewelry/Nail Polish: (Girls only):

  • Earrings:          1 pair only

  • Earrings should be no bigger than a dime for Grammar school students.

  • Earrings should be no bigger than a quarter for Dialectic/Rhetoric students. 

  • If girls wear nail polish, it should be a solid color.  No black. 

Tennis Shoes:

  • Shoes for boys and girls will be predominately one of the following colors: gray, Khaki, tan, brown, navy shoe or lace-up, slip-on, low-cut tennis shoe.

  • The following are not acceptable: high-tops, platforms, gels, pumps, sandals, backless, metallic, multi-colored or cartoon decorated.  If a shoe does not have a strap on the back, it is backless. 

  • White shoes must be clean. 


The Headmaster will be the final arbiter—interpreting, applying and enforcing the Dress Code policy.  Cheerful, consistent compliance is expected.  Any student not complying with the Dress Code policy spelled out above will be sent to the office to wait for a change of clothes from his/her parents.  Any student who violates the Dress Code policy, either by action or by challenging with a rebellious attitude, will be subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the OCA Discipline Policy.  In all areas, we want to train the children to understand and apply Biblical principles to their lives.

Clothes Closet:

 OCA School would like to encourage families to give and trade clothing to one another as they wish.  OCA also has plans to maintain a clothes closet to give all students an opportunity to allow others to benefit from the clothing they have outgrown and which meets our dress code.  These items will be free.

Boys and Girls Clothing Options:

  • Shirts and colors: Blue, Red, Navy, Yellow, Green *(All shirts must be collared and a solid color.  The only writing allowed on the shirt will be an OCA logo.)

  • Pants and colors: Khaki, Blue. *(If the pants have belt loops then belts must be worn)

  • Shorts and colors: Navy, Khaki. *(all should reach the knees)

Additional Girls Clothing Options:

  • Girls Skirts, Dresses, Jumpers and Skorts: *(All of these must be purchased only in the colors shown.)