Ozarks Christian Academy

“Equipping the next generation of disciples”

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New Board Member!

The OCA School Board would like to welcome Dr. Derek Morrison as its newest member. Dr. Morrison and his wife Nikki have 6 children at OCA with one more on the way in December. Dr. Morrison takes the place of Mr. Dave Hale who served a term of 3 years.


The OCA Junior varsity boys win the Seymour basketball tournament.

They played the best games of the season. Thank you Coach Fesler and Coach Morrison. We are so proud of you all.


“At OCA it is important that our mission be more than words on our website. It is central to all that we do as a school.”



They know God personally through Christ. They desire Him preeminently. They are capable of
pursuing people with the message of reconciliation.


They know the spirit of the age when they see it. They reject it as not of the Spirit of God. They
are capable of bearing witness to the God who can preserve them in their culture.¹ 


They know good when they see it because they know the God who is good. They
demonstrate His goodness by working for the wellbeing of the community in which He has placed them.² 


They know the meaning of a Godly work ethic. They are willing to pursue the purposes of God.
They are capable of ordering their lives to use their time toward this end.³


Classical Christian Education

The Classical method is an ancient way of educating instrumental in bringing about some of the greatest minds of the world. The Classical model produced Aristotle, Plato, and the Apostle Paul. The reason for Classical Education's success is the process of teaching students how to both learn and love learning.